Maria Maksakova again at the Mariinsky Theatre in operas by Sergei Prokofiev "War and Peace" November 16, 2014

Music by Sergei Prokofiev 
Libretto by the composer and Mira Mendelson-Prokofiev on the novel by Leo Tolstoy 
Musical Director and Conductor — Valery Gergiev 
Director — Graham Vick 
Production Designer — Paul Brown 
Lighting Designer — Giuseppe Di Iorio 
Choreographer — Maxim Petrov 
Conductors — Paul Smelkov, Zaurbek Gugkaev 
Principal Chorus Master — Andrey Petrenko 
Musical — Irina Sobolev


act I 
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky remember the old oak, which he saw recently in the forest. With dry broken branches, peeled stood among the bright young greens and would like to say to his views: «Spring, love and happiness … and it does not bother you with all the same stupid and meaningless hype! There is no spring, no sun, no happiness. «
Natasha Rostova, excited beauty spring night, can not sleep. Prince Andrew recognized her voice. «It has something very, very special, this girl who wanted to fly in the sky,» — he said, feeling «wanton, springtime feeling of joy and renewal.»

Count Rostov brings — Natasha and her cousin Sonya on first ball. 
Among the guests — Pierre Bezukhov with beautiful wife Helen and her brother Anatole Kuragin. Natasha is worried that no one had noticed that she did not dance. Pierre, realizing what is happening in the soul of a girl coming to his friend Prince Andrew with a request to invite Natasha to waltz. 
After the waltz with Natasha suddenly found himself Prince Andrew has thought: «If she comes first to her cousin, and then to another lady, she will be my wife.» Natasha comes to her cousin.

In the mansion of the old Prince Bolkonsky 
Count Rostov and Natasha already fiancee of Prince Andrew, come on his first visit to the old Prince Bolkonsky — father Andrew, insisted that the son left for a year abroad. Natasha believes that the prince learned her closer, cease to oppose the marriage of her son to her and love her. 
Prince Bolkonsky refuses to take Rostov. These leaves his daughter — Princess Mary. Natasha to tears offended Princess coldness, ridicule the old prince suddenly appeared. She does not want to stay more in this inhospitable house. More than ever, Natasha feels a longing for the beloved.

Diva Helen Bezukhova 
Ball at the Countess Helene Bezukhova. Count Rostov, who was invited to the evening with Natasha and Sonya, with «displeasure noticed that all of this society consisted mainly of men and ladies, certain liberties treatment.» 
Helen knows that Natasha — the bride of Prince Andrew, «one of the most intelligent, educated and active young people,» but willingly helps his brother, flaunting Anatole Kuragin, care for the pretty girl. Thought to bring his brother to Natasha amuses her. Left alone with Natasha, Anatole explains his love for her and sends a letter that pleads with him to flee. 
Natasha can not understand the flow of surging on her feelings. «As close as terribly close to me suddenly became this man …» Sonia tries to reason and to warn her sister.

cabinet Dolokhov 
Dolokhov all prepared for the shoot Anatole with a new passion. However, we have already found the money-defrocked priest, and the coachman, Dolokhov trying to dissuade Kuragina of crazy things. But Anatole anticipates adventure and ready to go for Natasha.

Mansion Marya Dmitrievna Akhrosimova 
Natasha awaits Anatolia. She decided to run with it, without the knowledge of parents tore her engagement to Prince Andrew. But the plan of abduction becomes known Akhrosimova from Sony, and came Natasha Anatole Kuragin meets footman. Kuragin escapes. Marya Dmitrievna was outraged by the behavior of Natasha and sharply chastises her, but she was deaf to its censure. She asks who came to visit Pierre Bezukhov take action, «otherwise be a scandal and a duel.» 
Pierre recently with his frightening emotion refers to the bride of his friend, does not understand how Natasha could decide on such action. He tells her that Anatole was married. But after seeing the suffering of Natasha, realizing how tormented her consciousness of guilt before Prince Andrew, in a fit of self-pity, he suddenly said to Natasha about her feelings. Natasha tries to commit suicide.

Cabinet Pierre Bezukhov 
Foreign guests Helen laugh adventure of her brother. Pierre entered requires that Anatole Kuragin immediately left Moscow. Scared Anatole agrees summon a considerable reward. 
Pierre hated his house, his wealth unnecessary, worthless people surrounding him. It heats only the thought of Natasha. But suddenly, comes news that Napoleon had pulled its troops to the Russian border.

act II 
Borodino field before the battle militia tirelessly preparing for the Battle of Borodino. Lieutenant Colonel Denisov in search of Field Marshal Kutuzov meets Prince Andrew and tells him about the plan of guerrilla action behind enemy lines. 
Prince Andrew recalls that Dennis once asked of fifteen hands Natasha. Denisov leaves, and Prince Andrew Natasha recalls — and reproaches himself for his stupidity. Refugees from Smolensk talk about the horrors of war. 
On the battlefield comes Pierre Bezukhov, to witness the battle. It distracts from Prince Andrew heavy thoughts about breaking with Natasha and the death of his father. 
Field Marshal Kutuzov appears. «A wonderful, incredible people, — he says. — The Beast is mortally wounded with all the Russian force will be banished from our holy land. «Napoleon eagerly awaiting the victory of his army and the surrender of the enemy. In his dreams he sees already conquered Moscow, and the deputation with the keys of the great city. But instead, on all sides there are reports of dead and wounded generals; one after the other messengers of the French generals of Napoleon ask for reinforcements. They possessed a premonition of impending disaster.

The military council at Fili 
There is a meeting of the military council led by Field Marshal Kutuzov. Whether to risk the loss of the army and Moscow, taking the battle to the unfavorable position, or leave the capital and to preserve the army, and with it the hope for the crown of the war? Kutuzov gives the order to retreat: «Without enemies will stay in Moscow. This is their latest triumph. «

Moscow Street, occupied by the French 
Abandoned Moscow residents. Deputation with the keys to the city and did not appear to Napoleon. 
Stay in Moscow Pierre wants to «meet Napoleon and kill him, in order to either die or stop misfortune throughout Europe.» From housekeeper Rostovs Pierre learns that the family leave Moscow. At the insistence of Natasha left wounded with them staying in their home. Natasha hid that among the wounded — Prince Andrew. Moscow on fire. French soldiers lead a group of prisoners accused of arson. Among them, Pierre and Plato Karataev — sick soldiers, taken from the French hospital. On the orders of Marshal Davoust French shot several Russian. The fire erupted. Comply with the order to return the priests in the church, the French soldiers seize emerging from hospital insane — they take them for priests. In a panic run French theater artists. Through the smoke breaks, Napoleon and his retinue. He struck Russian bravery. 
Prince Andrew was on his deathbed receives Natasha for vision. But make sure that before him «live, real» Natasha, he does not hide his love for her. Natasha Prince Andrew asked her to forgive. But his strength left. Natasha horror feels like leaving a loved life.

Smolensk road in a snowstorm. The retreat of the French troops 
Remains of the Grand Army of Napoleon shamefully fled from Moscow along the Smolensk road. Among their captives — Pierre and Karataev. Karataev can not go, and its targeting. 
Captives freed guerrillas Denisov who informs Pierre that Natasha was alive, and Andrew died. Pierre realizes that he has a hope for the future … 
Field Marshal Kutuzov appears: «The enemy is broken … Save Russia!»

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